Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alone, Together

Forget what I said about waiting six months till the John Mayer concert! Due to the high demand for the June concert, he held another concert on January 13th. I was lucky enough to score a ticket very last minute for the ORIGINAL price! My friend Jessy also got tickets last minute, but I didn't know until after the concert, thanks to the lack of reception on my phone. Anyway, the concert was awesome, even though I couldn't see a thing (damn tall people...). There was such a great atmosphere, John was really appreciative of being able to play in Amsterdam. And can I just say that Steve Jordan is total BADASS! The things that man can do on the drums, amazing! It was a great preview for June 2nd :)

"I Don't Trust Myself (with Loving You)"

"Waiting on the World to Change"

"Brown Sugar"


"Half of My Heart"


"Free Fallin' "

"Who Says"

"Friends, Lovers or Nothing"

John 'helping' Steve on the drums ;)


Heartbreak Warfare
I Don't Trust Myself (with Loving You)
Perfectly Lonely
Why Georgia (+ Jackson 5's I Want You Back)
Waiting on the World to Change (+ D'Angelo's Brown Sugar)
Half of My Heart
Bigger Than My Body
Free Fallin'
Who Says
Friends, Lovers or Nothing

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