Thursday, November 27, 2008

Glowing in the Dark

Don't know how many people really follow my blog, found out (yeah I'm a nerd like that hehe) most people come here to see my Nike Blazers ;) But I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. Main reason for me being lazy is that it takes some time for me to write a post, that's at least a bit interesting and doesn't sound too 'Dear Diary'-like... Anyway, a few weeks ago Wing & I went to the concert of Kanye West in Ahoy' Rotterdam. The first support act was a guy called Mr Hudson, can't really remember much of his performance (he did only one song). Next up was Santogold and you could tell it wasn't really the taste of the majority of the audience (with Wing being one of them, hehe), but I quite enjoyed her album.

Santogold - "You'll find a way (Remix)"

"Shove it"

Kanye finally took the stage at 21.30 (damn!), but he made up with a kick ass show. HIs voice was raspy/kinda off the first couple of songs, but it got better thoughout the evening. I've never seen such an amazing stage at a concert: the screens, a spaceship, moving platform, flames, a dinosaur/alien; they were all present. It was really cool of him to be on stage for more than 2 hours, but it also meant that we got home at 2 am...

'Good Morning', the opening of the concert

"I Wonder"

"Get 'em High"

"Diamonds from Sierra Leone"

Can't Tell Me Nothing"


"Gold Digger"


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Genève, Geneva, Genf

Yerk Yu's cousins Summer & Andex live in Geneva, Switzerland and Wing Si, Yan, Tjon & I decided to tag along when she visited them this weekend. We didn't really do much sightseeing, but I did all of that when I went to Geneva a few years ago. Pretty much all we did was eating and shopping: we had a real amazing dinner (oysters, l'escargots, mussels) at Café du Centre. Although 3 days (more like 2 days) was a bit short, it was a great trip :)

Lac Léman

Pont du Mont Blanc

With Wing Si, Yan, Yerk & Summer

Oysters at Café du Centre

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You've got that magic...

Robin Thicke performed at the Melkweg on November 5th and the man & his band were on fire! His voice is just amazing live. Can't remember the exact setlist, but there were obviously some songs from his newest album 'Something else' and lots of songs from 'The evolution of Robin Thicke'. As for the encore, he sang D'Angelo's 'Brown sugar' and Al Green's 'Let's stay together' :) Some pictures (more at Flickr):


'I need love'

'Can U believe (part 1)

'Can U believe (part 2)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Went to a free chocolate lunch with Igrien, Wing & Yan. It was part of the Choca chocolate festival. The lunch consisted of chocolate soup, bread and a chocolate fondue. Wasn't a big fan of the soup, it was lukewarm and I think they put orange in it or something, but the olive-and-tomato bread with tapenade was delicious! They even gave out free chocolate bars and hagelslag!
Chocolate soup topped with 'Ontbijtkoek'

Yummy bread and tapenade

Chocolate fondue!

That evening also happened to be Museumnacht, an annual event where all the museums in Amsterdam are open from 7pm-2am, with lots of activities throughout the city.
We went to Rijksmuseum to see Damien Hirst's 'For the love of God'. It was the first day of the exhibition, which meant we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes to get into the museum, MADNESS! Once in the museum, we were moving slowly from one painting to another. I didn't really mind this part, this way I had the opportunity to really look at the paintings I've never done before. At some point a curator was telling more detailed aspects of a couple of paintings, which was really nice. Then I finally arrived in the small, completely dark room, where the skull was displayed. It was just a wonderful piece of art, my eyes were blinded by all the bling haha. Due to the fact that I got to the Rijks around 23.00 because the dinner I had before, ran late and the big crowd at the museum, the Rijksmuseum was the only museum I went to. Kinda a waste of my ticket, but the ticket allows me to visit a museum another time. I still liked Museumnacht and think I'll be going next year again. Just no dinnerplans before and start earlier ;)

For the love of God

Monday, November 3, 2008


According to the WWF, there are only 1600 pandas left living in the wild. Thursday Wing and I wanted to see the 1600 pandas the WWF put on Museumplein, to raise awareness for this. Instead we saw this:

Turned out the pandas were only displayed on Wednesday... Fortunately the cutenessfactor was represented by Lizzy, a 7-week-old White Shepherd. She didn't want to leave us and I was more than willing to take her home with me haha.

What a cutie pie!

A hedgehog in front of Wing's house