Friday, May 29, 2009

Hard to Beat

Archery again with Wing Si & Chi Kit on Tuesday. This time however, I sucked! And I mean really bad: I managed to let the arrow bounce back about three times, argh! Thankfully, I didn't hit anyone...

Running 'progress':

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wing & I were craving creampuffs, but since the nearest Beard Papa's is across the pond, we decided to make them ourselves! On our first attempt the puffs didn't have the right consistency. Turns out I was busy converting '1 cup' into ml and grams, I forgot the recipe only needed half a cup of flour and a half cup of water (doh!). So we made another batch of cream puffs (chocolate this time) with the right amount of ingredients and they were airy and fluffy! Since the recipe only makes about 8 puffs, we decided to make a third batch with the intention of making it even more perfect. However, this time the custard didn't set :( I think maybe it was because we tried to use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar. In the end we added more flour to thicken the custard. Not quite perfect, but still yummy...

First batch...

Chocolatey goodness...
Chocolate Cream Puff

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Red Velvet

I must confess this Red Velvet Cake was made with a Duncan Hines mix (was surprised they sell it here in NL), I made the butter cream frosting from scratch, though. I didn't put a lot of frosting, because I was afraid it would be too sweet (you know Americans like everything with way too many sugar...) and all that butter isn't exactly healthy ha. Turns out the cake wasn't too sweet at all, so next time I'll remember to put on a very thick layer...

Not one...

but two layers...

Proof I'm definitely cross-eyed: I failed to place the star in the center...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lo Que Páso

Guess there was something wrong with my sensor, 'cause I wished I ran that steadily. Didn't have lunch before I ran (stupid I know), so I kept pausing because I didn't really have the energy and was feeling a bit light in my head...

Monday, May 18, 2009


The city has made plans to redevelop the cafe Oostoever ('Eastern shore') and its adjacent area at the Sloterplas. Three designs by Full Colour, Heren2 and Nova Development have made the short list.

Full Colour has made a concept of a ship with the cafe as the Stuurhut ('wheelhouse'), the square as Dek ('deck') where events can be held, and beneath it a restaurant, the so-called Ruim ('hold').

Heren2 ('Gentlemen2')'s plans consist of a grand cafe, restaurant, hotel, two multifunctional spaces and an underground parking garage.

Nova Development came up with the idea of a restaurant and brasserie, hotel with spa and an underground parking garage.

I agree the cafe needs some restyling, but to be really honest, I'm not really 'wowed' by the three designs (The last one is just plain ugly). I like how peaceful and tranquil the way the area is right now. Besides, I don't think think this neighbourhood is in need of a hotel...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Days Go On

Pff I finally picked up my running: after one week of partying too hard and another week of bad weather, I'm behind my training schedule! Thought I'd explain the 'up-and-down' pattern on my run: I started with running 5 minutes straight, followed by walking 3 minutes, running 4 minutes, walking 3 minutes & repeated this four more times. Hopefully I can gradually increase the time I'm running nonstop.

Sweet Disposition

a moment
a love
a dream
a kiss
a cry
our rights
our wrongs (won't stop til it's over)

The Temper Trap

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dorm Life

This isn't real life, this is Dorm Life

This mockumentary is about, you guessed it, students living in dorms. Go check it out, it's frickin' hilarious!