Friday, October 17, 2008

No more

No more:

- Coming home and being greeted by Homie and/or my roomies;
- Roaches, mice and rats (thank God);
- People hanging in front of my apartment building;
- Sleeping to the sound of sirens every night;
- Saying 'It's not that bad', after telling people I live in Harlem;

- Food Network (Iron Chef, Ace of cakes, Throwdown with Bobby Flay...)
- Commercials every 5 minutes;
- Really bad commercials, like this one (it's an older version, but just as stupid. Seriously: "I've got genital herpes." "And I don't!")

- Subways riding 24 hours a day and coming every 5 minutes (except late at night);
- Hearing 'Stand clear of the closing doors please', muffled through the intercom;
- Jaywalking;
- Running in Riverside Park;
- Stumbling upon great architecture/photogenic places while walking on the street;

- Trying to decide where to have dinner/go clubbing by looking on New York Magazine, Zagat and Menupages;
- Dessert Truck;
- Cream puffs;
- Fairway;
- $ 1,- Empanada's from around the corner;

- Hearing 'Hi how are you today??' in the stores;
- Waiting in line of the cashier with the exact amount in cash, but then realizing the price doesn't include tax (B*tches...);
- Converting dollars in euro's (Sweet!);

I miss New York...

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