Thursday, September 4, 2008


After my cousin's passing, I didn't feel like blogging about futile things. But I guess life goes on...

So I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art last Friday. The museum is really amazing, I couldn't see everything though, since the museum is pretty big and I got there only 1,5 hours before closing time hehe. Which wasn't that bad 'cause I only paid a dollar. Tip: the suggested admission price is $20,-, but 'suggested' means you can pay whatever you like. Even a penny, but that's really, really cheap haha.

The Leon Levy and Shelby White Court

There was also the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition, which explored 'the symbolic and metaphorical associations between fashion and superheroes'. It was really cool to see the real costumes of Batman, Ironman, Catwoman, Mystique (X-Men), Superman, Spiderman & Wonderwoman and the haute couture pieces. The pictures of the Superheroes exhibition aren't of great quality, again, you weren't allowed to take any pictures hehe. (You can see better pictures if you click on the link.)

'Superman' by Andy Warhol




There is also a roofgarden, with a great view of Central Park. Unfortunately it was closed due to rain, so I definitely will be returning to check it out next time and explore more of the museum.
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W i n g said...

AHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!You went without me!!! I had this museum listed as must visite... :( Then again, when I arrive you have to accompany me!!! Bummer that you already went :P