Thursday, November 27, 2008

Glowing in the Dark

Don't know how many people really follow my blog, found out (yeah I'm a nerd like that hehe) most people come here to see my Nike Blazers ;) But I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. Main reason for me being lazy is that it takes some time for me to write a post, that's at least a bit interesting and doesn't sound too 'Dear Diary'-like... Anyway, a few weeks ago Wing & I went to the concert of Kanye West in Ahoy' Rotterdam. The first support act was a guy called Mr Hudson, can't really remember much of his performance (he did only one song). Next up was Santogold and you could tell it wasn't really the taste of the majority of the audience (with Wing being one of them, hehe), but I quite enjoyed her album.

Santogold - "You'll find a way (Remix)"

"Shove it"

Kanye finally took the stage at 21.30 (damn!), but he made up with a kick ass show. HIs voice was raspy/kinda off the first couple of songs, but it got better thoughout the evening. I've never seen such an amazing stage at a concert: the screens, a spaceship, moving platform, flames, a dinosaur/alien; they were all present. It was really cool of him to be on stage for more than 2 hours, but it also meant that we got home at 2 am...

'Good Morning', the opening of the concert

"I Wonder"

"Get 'em High"

"Diamonds from Sierra Leone"

Can't Tell Me Nothing"


"Gold Digger"


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