Monday, November 3, 2008


According to the WWF, there are only 1600 pandas left living in the wild. Thursday Wing and I wanted to see the 1600 pandas the WWF put on Museumplein, to raise awareness for this. Instead we saw this:

Turned out the pandas were only displayed on Wednesday... Fortunately the cutenessfactor was represented by Lizzy, a 7-week-old White Shepherd. She didn't want to leave us and I was more than willing to take her home with me haha.

What a cutie pie!

A hedgehog in front of Wing's house


Anonymous said...

How cute the hedgehog! Was he lost? Be careful with them though... they carry around a lot of "hitchhikers" (ticks).

Jill said...

Yeah I think he was kinda lost, although I saw him before (or another one). We didn't bother him much, Wing just took the two pictures (Wing Si: You're scaring him with the flash!).

pk said...

What a cutie!!! --- the hedgehog