Friday, December 19, 2008

Bang Bang

A while back, I got the chance to go to a firing range! We were shooting with three different guns (don't ask me about the exact names and types...) The first one was a big rifle, the ones you also have at a fair. The second one was a semi-automatic gun and the third was a big revolver. For the first and second guns each, we were given ten bullets to shoot, the last one only five. It was really a pity, I was just warming up when I was done shooting. Funny story: I had to shoot at target #2 (there were 5 targets), but the targets were hung a bit strange. I just shot at the target right in front of me and after two shots I realised I shot at target #3. So I quickly changed to target #2. When we were done shooting with the rifle, it turned out that Jeremy (who stood on my left) also shot at my target! There were a lot of hits on that target, but no idea which one were Jeremy or mine ;) The picture above is of the target I shot with the revolver. Three out of five, not bad right? It was really fun! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed. It had something to do with a criminal, who always went there, got shot or something...

So no picture of me being badass with a gun, but here a picture of a lemonpie I made after I went shooting ahahahaha.

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