Monday, July 28, 2008

"Comedy show, live cooomedy show!"

Around Times Square there are tons of people trying to get you to their comedy club, all yelling 'Còòòmedy show, see a live Comedy show tonight!' in a pretty annoying way, making you don't really want to see one haha.
Despite that, last Friday Laura, Vince & I went to see standup comedy at the Comic Strip Live Comedy Club. The comedians were Lenny Marcus, Lisa Landry, JJ Ramirez & Kevin Brennan. It was a pretty cool experience, 'cause they were all quite funny. None of them beats Chris Rock though ;)
On Saturday Giselle was having a Birthday/Housewarming party at her place (her B-day was on Tuesday). Jeanette & I brought along a Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and it was just so delicious!

Aaah... Chocolate heaven...

Birthday girl cutting the cheesecake

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steven said...

comedy! Comedy show! Comedy at 10:30!
ngak taw chi kwan =P

Sanggg die godiva cheescake ziet wel sweetie uit =D~~~

zeker van de cheesecakefactory?