Monday, May 18, 2009


The city has made plans to redevelop the cafe Oostoever ('Eastern shore') and its adjacent area at the Sloterplas. Three designs by Full Colour, Heren2 and Nova Development have made the short list.

Full Colour has made a concept of a ship with the cafe as the Stuurhut ('wheelhouse'), the square as Dek ('deck') where events can be held, and beneath it a restaurant, the so-called Ruim ('hold').

Heren2 ('Gentlemen2')'s plans consist of a grand cafe, restaurant, hotel, two multifunctional spaces and an underground parking garage.

Nova Development came up with the idea of a restaurant and brasserie, hotel with spa and an underground parking garage.

I agree the cafe needs some restyling, but to be really honest, I'm not really 'wowed' by the three designs (The last one is just plain ugly). I like how peaceful and tranquil the way the area is right now. Besides, I don't think think this neighbourhood is in need of a hotel...

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