Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wing & I were craving creampuffs, but since the nearest Beard Papa's is across the pond, we decided to make them ourselves! On our first attempt the puffs didn't have the right consistency. Turns out I was busy converting '1 cup' into ml and grams, I forgot the recipe only needed half a cup of flour and a half cup of water (doh!). So we made another batch of cream puffs (chocolate this time) with the right amount of ingredients and they were airy and fluffy! Since the recipe only makes about 8 puffs, we decided to make a third batch with the intention of making it even more perfect. However, this time the custard didn't set :( I think maybe it was because we tried to use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar. In the end we added more flour to thicken the custard. Not quite perfect, but still yummy...

First batch...

Chocolatey goodness...
Chocolate Cream Puff

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